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Vision & Mission

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Vision & Mission


                To develop Odisha as one of the most preferred tourist destinations and to place it prominently on the  domestic international tourism map.

    • To promote sustainable tourism as a means of economic & inclusive growth, social equity & integration.
    • To promote the image of Odisha abroad.
    • To give high priority to development and promotion of the prime tourism products, conservation of heritage, natural environment, etc.
    • Ensuring beneficial outcome to all the stakeholders.
    • To promote Sustainable Tourism with a view to create employment opportunities and to bring about socio-economic benefits to the community.
    • To preserve, enrich and promote Odisha’s unique cultural heritage, natural resources and environment with a view to achieve sustainable development; addressing the regulatory & tourism promotion/ development functions in PPP mode at all levels, in an effective & well coordinated manner,
    • To promote Odisha as one stop destination to experience cultural heritage, eco-tourism and rich wilderness so as to boost foreign & domestic tourist arrival in the State